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Global Adjusting, Co. offer services for Commercial property insurance claims

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Our Vision

Global Adjusting, Co.’s vision is to become a nationwide leader in property insurance claims related to hail, wind and ice damage. We understand the value of great customer service, that’s why our teams are working around the clock to provide the best customer experience. We also understand the importance of insurer – policyholder relations, so all our negotiations are done in peaceful atmosphere and rather based on legal facts than arguments. We want to be recognized by Insurance Companies as

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What Does Global Adjusting Co. Do?

Global Adjusting, Co. is a Chicago based Public Adjusting firm that specializes in residential and commercial insurance claims arising from hail, wind and ice damage.
Property inspection is just the starting point for Global Adjusting, Co. It is to determine the condition of your roof, siding, gutters, and origin of interior leaks (if any). We will then evaluate your insurance policy to see if any of the damage would be covered.

Roofing Services

We at Global Adjusting Co. have replaced hundreds of roofs in Chicagoland area, including Asphalt, Flat and Rubber roofs. We serve Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients, including Apartment Buildings, Churches, Country Clubs, Fire Halls and more.

Siding Services

Hail damage to vinyl siding will normally be visual break cracks or holes in the siding product. Normally if these items are not present…

Gutters Services

Often when your roof has sustained hail damage, your gutters have probably also sustained damage. Hail damage gutters can be weakened and should be checked immediately so that you can be sure that they do not fall under the weight of the water leaving your roof.


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About Us

The insurance claim process may be an unpleasant experience if you don’t know how to approach it. Global Adjusting, Co.’s Public Adjusters will prepare all of your claim documents and will meet with your insurance company adjuster. Global Adjusting, Co. works with city, state and federal building code enforcement to determine if any upgrades may apply.
After we reach the settlement with your insurance company adjuster, we prepare and execute the documents to your mortgage company (they may be listed as a payee on the insurance check). And, if necessary, we can schedule inspections with the mortgage inspector.
Construction Management is taken care of by our sister company Global Construction Services, Inc. They are a licensed roofing and General Contractors firm that provides our customers with highest quality Renovation Services.

Some upgrades may include:

• Rising R-value of the insulation to meet current energy conservation codes
• Adding ice and water shield to prevent ice dams developing in the winter
• Toxic material removal such as asbestos or lead paint (may be included all in one claim).

Public Adjuster Services

The property damage claims process involves extensive paperwork, accounting, legal, construction, insurance jargon plus knowledge of repairing building structures and code compliance. Proving your property damage losses is YOUR job, not the insurance company’s, so make sure that you have a licensed and experienced Public Adjuster on your side because the last thing you need at a difficult time is more aggravation.


We take the responsibility and burden of filing your insurance claims papers and handle all of the extensive details of a Homeowners Insurance Claim. Global Adjusting Co.’s Public Adjusters handle your insurance claim with extreme care; Investigating and claiming every possible property loss so that you receive the maximum compensation.
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